Volunteering at Mirabel can be a thoroughly rewarding experience, whether it’s attending a regular Children’s Group, helping at a Big Day Out, going on a weekend camp or joining our weekly online tutoring program. All of our events and activities rely on the support and generosity of our amazing volunteers. You can meaningfully help and be part of our amazing community.

Volunteers are able to form meaningful connections with our young people. They offer positive role-modelling, encouragement and guidance, which foster personal growth and development. Volunteers serve as mentors, providing a supportive environment where our young people can explore their interests, discover their strengths, and overcome challenges.

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with the Mirabel Online Learning Club (MOLC) on a Monday and/or Tuesday late afternoon. If you feel that you have the capacity and time to assist in this ongoing and weekly program please get in touch with Jules Grover

Your contribution will help make a difference
Community, corporate and philanthropic support are central to Mirabel’s ability to support disadvantaged children and carers. For 25 years, we have been true to our vow to never turn away a child in need. You can help us keep that promise.
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