Annual Report

The Mirabel Foundation is pleased to present our 2023 Annual Report. 

It feels like yesterday since a group of us decided to do something to help the forgotten casualties of drug abuse, the children left behind. I feel so privileged to have met the many extraordinary people who’ve been involved with Mirabel over the past 25 years. 

We’re brimming with the same determination that we felt all those years ago and optimistic as to what Mirabel will achieve in the next quarter century. 

Jane Rowe

" The work Mirabel does is life changing and I don’t know where I’d be without them. - Mirabel grandparent"

"I have heaps of fun with the other kids at Mirabel. It feels good to be happy and forget about your worries for a while." Sherad, 11 years 

Sherad has been attending Mirabel’s therapeutic children’s group for the past 8 months. At first he found it hard to mix with the other children and he was shy and reserved. He had witnessed a lot of violence when his Mum was alive and saw his Dad shoot his Mum in a drug induced fight. It was his job to call the ambulance and shield his three younger sisters from the trauma. He feels safe now that he lives with his grandparents and they take him to see his Dad in prison each month. His Dad talks about being together again but Sherad knows that he will be an adult before his Dad is out of prison. Sherad’s grandparents say that he has relaxed a lot since starting in the Mirabel group. He talks of friends and fun times where he is able to be a child for a while. When he comes home the happiness continues as he resumes his role as big brother. He is responsible and old beyond his years but he now has a place to go where he feels comfortable enough to share his experiences and dream about a happy future.

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