Mirabel Children & Carers

Mirabel Children

Children orphaned or abandoned because of parental drug use are the most profoundly overlooked casualties of substance abuse in our society. Research shows that without intervention, many will repeat the cycle of destructive behaviours that can lead to drug abuse and disadvantage.

Mirabel is dedicated to investing in these children to give them a positive childhood and a brighter future. We give the support Mirabel children need to feel safe, secure and understood.

Mirabel Carers

The kinship carers of Mirabel children are the extended family of the child. Usually grandparents, or aunts and uncles, they have found themselves caring for the children of their child or sibling. It is a desperately sad and extremely difficult task. Often these carers do not have the financial or physical resources for the challenge they have accepted. Because kinship carers are not foster carers, gaining government financial assistance is often not possible.

Kinship carers are often in danger of being overwhelmed by the financial, emotional and red tape demands of suddenly caring for children at a time they expected to be free of such responsibilities. Mirabel helps kinship carers regardless of their legal or statutory status, in crisis and in everyday life.

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Community, corporate and philanthropic support are central to Mirabel’s ability to support disadvantaged children and carers. For 25 years, we have been true to our vow to never turn away a child in need. You can help us keep that promise.
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