Mirabel Programs

Assessment & Crisis Support

Our most urgent and vital work involves the intake, assessment and referral for new families as well as those who are experiencing a current crisis. This program ensures that vulnerable children receive sufficient practical and emotional support to enable them to remain with their siblings in appropriate and nurturing family environments.

"Mirabel is the most wonderful foundation that has brought a lot of happy times and support during difficult times."
- Daniel, grandfather carer

Recreation & Social Inclusion

Being the child of drug users can result in feelings of isolation and stigma. At our recreational experiences, Mirabel children rediscover laughter and fun while realising they are not the only children navigating this path. Bringing large numbers of Mirabel children together for camps and activities results in a sense of connection and acceptance that is vital for their wellbeing.

"Mirabel is a place where you get to meet other children who are like you."
- Jane, 12 years old

Kinship Carer Support Groups

Our support groups for carers provide everything from parenting information and practical advice to peer support and understanding for potentially isolated grandparents and kinship carers. Improving the physical and emotional wellbeing of kinship carers is crucial in order for them to be able to provide the long-term safety and stability required for Mirabel children.

"I work every day with these amazing, strong carers who will be in the middle of a really intense support group and someone will crack a joke and everyone’s laughing. You’re surrounded by strength. They’re really amazing people."
- Angelina, Mirabel Family Support Co-ordinator

Education Program 

Mirabel provides educational assessments, school resources, advocacy, and tutoring for Mirabel young people who are struggling with essential literacy and numeracy skills. It is proven that improving the academic outcomes of these young people improves their options for the future and ultimately provides a pathway out of the cycle of poverty, low self-esteem and disadvantage.

"Mirabel gives children a sense of hope."
- Harry, 13 years old

Youth Support 

Mirabel’s youth workers offer unwavering support to help Mirabel’s young people work through their emotions, remain connected at school, build stronger relationships with their kinship carers, practice safe behaviours and develop a positive outlook on life. Without specialist support these young people are at risk of repeating the negative cycle of addiction or experiencing ongoing mental health concerns. 

"Mirabel is somewhere that I can talk about anything and they understand."
- Bethany, 14 years old

Family Camps & Events

For more than two decades, our camps and events have brought families together to create happy memories. We provide fun-filled experiences and camps that create feelings of unity and friendship while helping to restore a strong sense of family.

"The camp could not have happened at a more appropriate time. I could see that we all felt safe, it was ridiculously relaxing for us carers and our little girl had an absolute blast."
- Helen, carer

Alumni Program 

Mirabel Alumni are young adults who were previously Mirabel children. Our Alumni Program hosts Big Children Events where young adults can relive the fun of the childhood while remaining connected to Mirabel’s leaders. It’s a place where young people can use their lived experience to mentor younger children and guide the future of our programs.

"I’m just like you. I know how you feel. It’s okay. You’re part of Mirabel"
- Bella, Mirabel Alumni

Volunteer Program

Being a Mirabel volunteer allows individuals to become meaningfully involved in our activities and establish connections within our amazing community. Because of the efforts of our many volunteers, Mirabel is able to meet the needs of the ever-growing group of children requiring our support, care and activities, while keeping our costs to a minimum.

Without our volunteers, we would not be able to reach as far and wide as we do, but we also love how enriched our volunteers tell us their lives are because they have given their time and energy.

"It feels like I get more out of being on camp than the children. I wish I could do more."
- Christie, Mirabel volunteer

Advocacy & Social Awareness

Mirabel is proud to be a trusted, authoritative voice in the wider world when it comes to advocating for social change for the Mirabel children and their kinship carers. We want Mirabel families to be able to walk with their heads held high, without feeling judged, knowing that the community around them understand their situation and can help with any struggles they face.

"I don’t know what I would have done without Mirabel. I couldn’t have managed."
- Joan, the first kinship carer Mirabel supported
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