Mirabel turns 25!

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We’re midway through 2023 and there’s boundless energy in the Mirabel team, topped up by the constant determination of the carers and kids at the heart of our work. It’s Mirabel’s 25th year and our mission has never felt more alive or important. From our therapeutic groups and social events to our support groups, we’re working alongside hundreds of children and families to get through often extremely difficult circumstances.

Obviously, this work comes at a cost and we couldn’t do any of it without the incredible generosity of our donors and volunteers. Every donation is crucial for us to continue our work and we remain committed to never turn a child away who needs us. Every bit of kindness and support ensures that this will never change.

Thank you to everybody who has already held an event or found a way to support Mirabel in the first half of the year. It means so much. What a total privilege and pleasure it is to have experienced 25 years of incredible friendships, from supporters and families alike.  

Your contribution will help make a difference
Community, corporate and philanthropic support are central to Mirabel’s ability to support disadvantaged children and carers. For 25 years, we have been true to our vow to never turn away a child in need. You can help us keep that promise.
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