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Mirabel’s activities are all about getting our kids, and/or carers, together, and creating spaces where they can relax, have fun, be adventurous and escape from their daily pressures. Just even knowing there are others going through what you’re going through can be a tonic, on its own.

Our Girls Sports Mega Camp certainly answered that brief. Held at the DOXA Malmsbury Camp, 25 Mirabel girls got to know one another before they dove into netball, soccer, pickleball, yoga and martial arts. They loved getting colour-bombed in a colour run late on the Saturday, but still found energy for a dance party. Sunday was spent in a cheerleading workshop, along with some final bonding time and a lot of laughter.

Likewise, our Youth Surfing Day, at Torquay, which started peacefully enough at Cosy Corner but then had to be reorganised on the run as the surf took a turn. The 11 kids were happy to abandon their surfboards for body boards and had a great time getting wet. Lunch was fish and chips, and no phones! Chats and spaces to engage, compare notes and support one another are more important to these days than the surfing itself, and the kids embraced the opportunity. Some games, including touch rugby, rounded out a fun day on the beach.

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