EducationDaily - When trauma impacts education, support and mentoring are vital

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“It is well understood and proven that improving the academic outcomes for young people battling trauma vastly improves their future options and can provide a pathway out of the cycle of poverty, low self-esteem and disadvantage. Education plays a major role in what we do.”

As published in EducationDaily on 26 March 2024:

The Mirabel Foundation’s Program Manager Tina Anderson tells the story of a young girl who had grown up in Queensland, with her single-parent mother lost in a daily hunt for drugs and oblivious to the needs of her daughter.

If Mirabel’s invention hadn’t occurred, offering wraparound support for her and her nan, the outcomes could have been completely different

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Community, corporate and philanthropic support are central to Mirabel’s ability to support disadvantaged children and carers. For 25 years, we have been true to our vow to never turn away a child in need. You can help us keep that promise.
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