Mirabel Newsletter - May 2024

Looking to the Future

There’s been a natural period of reflection over the last few months as we’ve marvelled at the fact Mirabel is now a quarter of a century old!

And nothing made us reflect on the years more than at a celebration event of Mirabel Alumni. We felt as proud and overcome as their carers to see the impressive and compassionate adults that these children have become. After some celebrations and many highlights, my eyes are once again firmly fixed on the future. The unfortunate reality in 2024 is that the demand for Mirabel’s services remains as high as ever. Across Victoria and New South Wales, new children and their kinship carers continue to find themselves in need of help and so our mission continues – to never turn a child away. Fundraising and awareness remain essential, while our board members continue to build a corpus to safeguard us from the ebbs and flows of the wider economy. I’m eternally grateful to everyone who plays a vital part of our Mirabel community, many of them since our earliest days. The reality is that the extreme hardships that children and families face are not diminishing and there is no end date to our work. But at the same time perhaps we need to equally think of ourselves as 25 years young with a good news story worth celebrating every day.

Jane Rowe – Founder/CEO

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